How to make changes on your WordPress website Page

Most people just see money going down the drain for advertising on a website, WHY?
Well I think it is because they have a fear of them, it is easy to use but difficult to setup, and very costly when you have to make change to your current pages. Well with WordPress it could not be easier or simpler. Once your web developer has published your WordPress website, and you are satisfied with the product it is very easy to make small changes.

For example:
Mortal Computers has a website and the URL is the owner of Mortal Computers has fired his sales person (Fred) as he is not selling. But unfortunately Fred`s name, email and telephone number appears on the “Contact Us” page of his WordPress website.
I will explain in detail how to either change the details to new ones or completely delete Fred`s details:

Open your web browser and go to the URL:
(For this lesson I used Microsoft Edge as my browser, you can use any browser like “Google Chrome”, “Internet Explorer”, “Mozilla” it is completely up to you).

wordpress website url

So if your web developer was kind enough to give you access to the backroom so that you can make your own changes he would have placed a “Meta-Widget” somewhere on your WordPress Website. Widgets can be placed anywhere on your site, at the top, on the side bar, in the footer, it all depends on where you asked the developer to place the tag. It will look something like this:

Wordpress Login

Click on “Log In” this will take you to a page that will allow you to logion to the WordPress Backroom. (This should be setup by your webdeveloper as he can allow you access to certain areas only, it will be good if you cannot change the theme or other settings as you can remove your WordPress site with a click of the mouse)

The Login screen will look like this:

Enter your Username and Password as supplied by the webdeveloper, this will then take you to the WordPress Dashboard, on the dashboard you can do lots of things like, Add new pages, Add media, Change pages, Change user accounts, and lots more, depending on the type of access you have to the backroom. But for the purpose of changing Names and numbers I will not go into that now.
Once in the backroom click on the “Pages” link in the left menu, the dashboard will change and take you to all the pages that are available on your WordPress website, your browser should display something like this:

Once you place your mouse pointer over the name of a specific page you will see that there appears more options under the name of the page for you to either Edit, Quick Edit, trash or View that page, Click on Edit and WordPress will change to editing mode for that page (Always make sure that your editing mode is on the “Visual” Tab in the right hand corner, as the :Text” tab will change the page to allow web developers to write code, This can be very confusing if you are not a pro):

Once you are in Visual Mode, scroll down to the data or in this case a telephone nuber or name or email address that you would like to change

Click on the data that you would like to change. Now you can edit the text like you would in a normal word-processing program like MS Word. One done with your changes you must update the changes for the live WordPress website to show the changes to people that visits your site.
You are done, You have successfully changed the numbers on your site without having to pay someone to do it.
Enjoy making changes

Mornè Le Grange
Mortal Computers CC